Pomegranate Exporter & Supplier

Nurani International is a horticultural company focused on pomegranate and its value-added products. It covers 100,000 square meters of land, and at the same time the company has invested considerable resources in cultivation operations through contract farming. Pomegranate supplier in Bodeli, Gujarat serves as a hub for knowledge dissemination to partner farmers in terms of best technology, best agro inputs and sharing of best practices.

Pomegranate manufacturer in Bodeli, Gujarat produces the best quality fresh pomegranate organically with innovative technology and ecological inputs. We follow best practices in organic farming, the processed fruit is also preservative-free and full of natural sweetness.

We are a premium supplier of fresh quality products such as whole pomegranate fruit and pomegranate to domestic and foreign markets. As a leading fresh fruit exporter, Nurani international in Bodeli, Gujarat has always provided premium quality fresh pomegranates. The most comprehensive range of fresh pomegranate varieties is available at the most affordable price with excellent quality. In addition, the shelf life of the fruit is also very high. We are very active in exporting Indian Fresh Pomegranate throughout the year. Indian pomegranates are suitable for transport over long distances due to their thick skin. Pomegranates that we source from contract farming units whose color, shape, size and taste will be excellent. Our technical experts regularly visit farms and guide farmers with the latest technology.