As an exporter, we bridge the gap between Indian agricultural excellence and the global market demand for premium grains.

Best Quality Products

Quality is non-negotiable for us. We adhere to stringent quality standards, partnering with trusted farmers and utilizing advanced processing .

World Wide Clients

Our commitment to delivering superior quality has garnered us a diverse clientele worldwide. We take immense pride in serving clients across the globe.

Who We Are?

MD of the company, Mr. S.K.A. Rizvi is from
the engineering field. But, his experience
with his father, who was a successful
agricultural professional/advanced farmer
which made him closer to his family roots of

Knowing the nitty gritty about best yields of
millets and other agro products, we
passionately work to deliver best quality

Why choose Newton Nutrition Foods

Newton Nutrition Foods

At Newton Nutrition Foods, we take immense pride in being a premier exporter of high-quality rice and millet from the heart of Delhi, India. Our commitment to excellence revolves around six key pillars that define our ethos and distinguish us in the global market.

At Newton Nutrition Foods, our mission is to promote healthier living through the distribution of top-tier rice and millet while fostering enduring relationships built on trust, reliability, and superior quality products. Join us on our journey toward a healthier world, one grain at a time.